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Visit our roadside market

From apples to zucchini, we grow dozens of crops for sale 8 months of the year. Our specialty is tree fruits of all varieties including cherries, plums, apricots, white and yellow cling peaches, yellow nectarines, donut peaches, white and yellow freestone peaches, Bartlett pears, Asian pears, and too many varieties of apples to list, including the beloved Honeycrisp starting in August! 

Our operation has expanded into the production of a variety of fresh vegetables. Availability of each vegetable varies with the seasons so there is always something new and interesting to try.

At our market we also offer a plethora of local products including bread and baked goods, beef, non-homogenized milk, brown eggs, honey, and a wide selection of canned goods.  To each of our valued customers we offer call-ahead and bulk ordering, curbside pickup, and custom mixed fruit and gift baskets. 

Our market is located at: 

9523 Lincoln Way West

St. Thomas PA 17252

We are open for business Monday - Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 10-3 

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strawberry flats.jpg

Strawberries in May!

cherry buckets.jpg

June Brings Sweet Cherries, Dark and Light!

Summer's Bounty

Enjoy the pleasures of eating seasonally and know that you're getting the best nutrition by purchasing fresh and locally from a family farm that goes the extra mile for an exceptional product.



The crop for which we are best known...yellow, white, and donut...we'll have them all throughout July, August, and September



From our neighbors the Hess family, these beauties beg to be tossed onto cereal, baked into desserts, and frozen for months of enjoyment.

20220829_101352 (1).jpg


Our farm produces sweet, tangy and juicy plums all summer long.



Choose a large zucchini for your favorite desserts or something smaller to saute for dinner.



Both slicers and picklers, all summer long. Check out our stock of canning and pickling supplies to go with your cucumbers!

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